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Air-cooled condenser

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Installing of condenser unit is not confined by area ,it only needs small area
  • Condenser unit is entire installation ,beautiful outlook design ,protect well,it can avoide collision damage
  • Condenser unit have double arrangement ,avoiding heat loss during the air transform
  • The condenser unit have good protection system inside ,it is good for reducing maintance
  • Condenser unit use axial fan motor ,low noise,power lose and large in air flowing .Large power of compressors driver quantity capacity

Product Details

We produce air cooling condenser FNH-type ,FNH-type,FNU-type,FNVT box-type machine and so  on.

We use raw materials are domestic and foreign well-known enterprise products , in the production process will not cut corners , in strict accordance with the standard process, can be customized according to the different needs of customers,to meet the customer's various indicators of products , thoughtful service to make you feel at ease and our cooperation! We look forward to your coming!

shandong huafeng Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

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